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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New Blog

Finally created a new blog on wordpress...

In future, check out my happenings at inerchild.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

New Blog?

Haven't written for some time.. Lots of pictures to upload.. Lots of stories to write. Just haven't got the mood to really sit down to it.

Thinking of creating a new blog on wordpress. According to Min, this wordpress site seems to be better and with more functions to play with...

So wait for my new blog and I'll upload the photos there.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sugar Biscuits

Seeing these biscuits doesn't it remind you of your childhood times.. I do remember myself buying these for my nieces and nephew... i like it too.. Though the sugar on the top is very fattening... Of coz not something that you can eat everyday lah.

Why am I talking about these biscuits? Quite a funny story behind it.

As some of you may know, I've started a new job at Orchard. About that job, I'll come to that later. I was in the office one day. My boss and colleagues were not in the office. As it was my 2nd day of work there, there was actually nothing much for me to do. The aircon in the office was COLD! Imagine me not afraid of cold, yet FREEZE when I'm there. I would wear a jacket when I stepped in the office...

When you are cold, the stomach gets hungry right.. So yes... I was feeling hungry. I didn't have any snacks with me so I started looking into the pantry cupboard.. And so I found these biscuits. Happily munching away, the door opened! Choke choke!! My boss walked in... I didn't have time to cover the biscuits.. Aiyo. I thought he was going to walk into his office but instead he walked over to my desk...

He said.. "the biscuits...". I said oh. I was feeling hungry as it was cold so I took it. He replied.... These biscuits are for praying. OMG! I was so shocked that I was lost for words. Almost fainted. I kept apologising... Though my boss said it's ok... But then his mouth went on and on about it. He even mentioned it to my colleagues when they came back.. Aiyo! So pai sei leh. I didn't know where to hide my face.

After he left the office, then I felt relieved... PHEW! My colleagues told me not to worry and that it's not my fault. Seems like a few gals before me made the same mistake worse than I did. They thought me a way to protect myself so as not to let the boss talk about it again. And he got the habit of talking about it outside the office to clients or suppliers, etc... SHIT!

The way to protect myself was to buy a packet of biscuits back for my boss. To repay back my boss and his GOD. Over the weekend, that's what I did. Bought him back 5 packets... I returned it to him the next monday.. And since then, I've not heard him mentioning again. Definitely enough for him to keep quiet about that incident for good. hehehe...

So that's the story about my 2nd day at work... Funny isn't it....

Sunday, October 08, 2006

New Hairstyle


Jin San Shun!

Me...... Just natural adorable!

Army Beauties

The photo explains it all.....

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Thunderstorm..... Or Lei Yu

A secret untold.
A passion is hidden.
A love defiant.
A wealthy family burden by its own silence.
A storm is coming.....

Got free tickets to watch this play... At Victoria Theatre.. First time stepping into this place after all my years of living.. Felt so high class leh... See the beautiful lady on the right.. Like "Tai Tai"....

Though not red carpet but got red seat. haha. Watching a Mandarin play! We were lucky to get the 7th row seats from the stage. It was a good view. Luckily the mandarin not so cheem... Though got sub titles but I try not to look at it but use my good ears to listen.

The play is definitely worth watching! The actors and actresses are good. One of the actress, born in Johor, Malaysia called Yeo Yann Yann acted as the mistress of the Zhou Family. Her laughter was so natural. And the thunder was really frightening. I felt that I was like being hit by the thunder. The crops and moving clouds were so real. You never imagine it's just a board in between. Utilise by both side to create a different scene.


Frankenstein in Love

Hey ppl...

My uncle's into another new play... Called Frankenstein in Love. Check it out at http://www.frankenstein-in-love.blogspot.com/

For those of you whose interested, get your tickets in Malaysia... hehehe......

Monday, October 02, 2006

Inconsiderate Ppl

Met up with Janet this evening to go swimming. Haven't swam for sometime already. It's either raining or we are too lazy! haha...

Today we were extremely early. We saw alot of kids having their usual practice. Usually we would go swimming around 7.30pm or 8pm. We decided to wait as the pool was too crowded. Awhile later, Janet shouted EEEKS!!! She saw a old man blowing his nose and leaving his mucus inside the pool!!! Gross!! Why did she show it to me... Now I don't feel like swimming... Such inconsiderate people around.

Guess what.. I helped to pluck Janet's armpit hair just now.. Hahaha... Long time never do that.... :D A few times I pluck her skin instead... hehehe...

Pain pain leh....

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Little Ones